I refused notifications – how do I turn them on?

If you want to know whenever you get a new post on rekit in one of your favourite categories, from someone you follow, or privately from one of your friends, you should have notifications switched on. On iOS, open your settings app and scroll all the way down until you find Rekit. Open it and you can see all the permissions on Rekit that you can change – one of these is Notifications. Open Notifications and set them up exactly as you want them.
On Android devices, start by opening your settings app. Open the Sound & Notification section and scroll down to App notifications. You should be able to find Rekit somewhere towards the bottom – then just turn on the notifications that you like!

Who can see my questions and recommendations?

When you post publicly, the Rekit community can see your questions and recommendations. They may also be able to post them to Facebook, Twitter and other social media. If you post privately, only the friends you select can see your questions and recommendations. Unless you disable the Share option when you select your friends, they can also forward your question or recommendation privately to their friends (but it can’t be forwarded further than that).

Who can I send private posts to?

Rekit enables you to send private posts to anyone in your phone contact book. You can also send them to anyone else who has sent you a private post or comment, and to anyone who is following your public posts on Rekit.

Why do I have to choose a category for my questions and recommendations?

Choosing a category means that your public posts will go to all the people in the Rekit community who are interested in that category, so you’ll get more responses and comments. For private posts, it means that rekit can remember the friends you selected when you last sent a question or recommendation in that category, and can have them ready for you when you post your next one.

How many friends should I select for a private question or recommendation?

That’s up to you! It will probably vary from category to category. The trick is to select those friends who can really help, if it’s a question, or those who will really want to hear what you have to say, if it’s a recommendation. So it’s not your whole phone contact list, but it’s more than the one or two people who immediately spring to mind. In most cases, it’s five or six friends (but it could be less or it could be more). The first time you send something in any given category, it’s worth taking a moment to think of the right team – rekit will remember them next time you post anything else in the same category (although you’ll be able to add or remove recipients each time, of course).

What happens if I see something objectionable?

You can notify us by selecting the Report option on the drop-down menu for posts and comments. This allows you to tell us why you’re making the report and to detail your concerns. We’ll deal with them in accordance with our Community Standards. You can also mute any user if you do not wish to receive anything from them.

Why do you need my phone number?

On rekit, your phone number is an important security feature. It’s the way we identify you, so it means that only you have access to your account.

What happens if I change my phone number?

Don’t worry – we know this happens. It’s important that you tell us because in many countries phone numbers are reused. Sign into rekit with your new number as if you’re signing into a new account. Then send us an email to making sure to let us know your old number and your new number. We’ll take it from there – we’ll transfer everything in your account to your new number.

What happens if I accidentally delete rekit from my phone?

Don’t worry. Simply download rekit again and go through the sign up process, and your account and all your content will still be there!

What if I have any other questions?

Contact us any time by sending an email to We’ll get back to you promptly!